Pelagia’s Apartments are located in Finikounda, a beautiful seaside village, which has been developed to one of the prettiest summer resorts of South Peloponnese. It is situated at the south-eastern edge of Messinia, approximately in the middle of the route Koroni-Methoni. It falls under Pylos- Nestoros municipality. It credits that name to “foinikoun” (red) color that was produced during the ancient times, after the processing of the purple seashell. It is at a distance of 65 km from Kalamata and it can be an ideal point of departure for expeditions to the entire area of Messinia due to the fact that it is only 5 minutes from Methoni, 15 minutes from Pylos and 20 minutes from Koroni. The village is located opposite the Oinousses cluster (Sapientza, Schiza and Agia Marina).

Finikounda contains beautiful and clean beaches. The visitors can enjoy their swim at the large, sandy beach of Finikounda which has been awarded with a blue flag due to its cleanliness as well as other beaches such as Mavrovouni/Haroupia, Lambes, Loutsa and many more. In the area, there are several Greek traditional restaurants that provide the tasty products of the local cuisine, as well as many cafes.